Are you an introvert? You’re the master artist

Before we begin, what are introverts? Introverts are people that recharge when they are alone. They essentially thrive on their own, as opposed to their counterparts: extroverts.

The key thing here for introverts is their ability to be comfortable AND thrive in their own company.

Secondly, what’s an artist? An artist is a creator! whether it be a painting or a business or a scientific theory. An artist is original in their thinking.

The benefits of being an introvert lie in their comfort being in solitude.

Benefits of solitude 

1.Increased efficiency: When you’re an introvert, you recharge by yourself. You’re like a car that doesn’t need to spend fuel in order to gain fuel. This makes you effectively more efficient than your counterparts and this helps you create because you will have more energy and time because you don’t need to go out to get your ‘fix’. This freed time and energy can be utilised for creating something!

2. less interfering energies. Energetically, everyone has an aura, a bubble of energy around them that interacts with everyone and everything in their proximity. (this is why nature is so therapeutic) When surrounded by lots of people, usually with incompatible/conflicting aura’s this can cause confusion in the aura. This confusion requires cleansing to return to homeostasis. When in homeostasis, you feel better and when you feel better, you’ll create better work.aura

Also, as an artist, there are only certain thoughts you can attract only if your energy is right. Thoughts are ideas. You can see why this is important for an artist.

3. As an introvert, since you’re alone quite a lot, you tend to be more unique, this is due to the fact that the more people that you hang around, the bigger the influence they will have on you. These relationships affect your opinions on matters too, so if you have less interfering influence, you’re more likely to have an original perspective! which is the currency of creativity.

The greatest spurts of creativity tend to be anti-cultural, perhaps even ahead of their time. These tend to come from an outsiders perspective, which is usually an introvert.

4.  The final reason is solitude itself! Sometimes you need to be alone to be inspired, some of my best ideas have come from journaling. That eureka! moment tends to come while on your own when distractions, energetically and otherwise, are as few as possible.

I’m not the only one who thinks this, Csikszentmihalyi, the author of flow, suggested that creative individuals tend to be strong on certain traits, such as introversion.

I’ll end this post with a few quotes on solitude.

“Isolation offers its own form of companionship”

“Children love to be alone because alone is where they know themselves, and where they dream”

“Isolation offers its own form of companionship”

“Solitude is the mother of creativity”

P.S some of humanity’s greatest artists have been serial introverts: Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Charles Dicken, the list could go on…

Anyway, if you’re an introvert, utilise your advantage and create!

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