Stay in your Locus.


Things inside your locus are:







what you consume

how you react



Things outside your locus:




other people

amongst many others

Yes, you could argue you have some modicum of control in the things I’ve placed outside your locus, but it’s exactly that, a modicum. It’s unreliable at best and at worst emotionally expensive on your part to try and control it.

How you react is by far the most powerful tool at your disposal. You have autonomy in how you choose to react to all the things I’ve placed outside your locus.

“No one can make you feel anything without your permission”

Choose to react in a way that serves you best. Hint: Complaining is the worst option (if peace/happiness is your goal that is)

If you focus on things you can control and let go of those you cannot, then you will be free from chronic negative emotions.


thank you for reading 🙂 x

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If we die, we die.

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