Finding Your Purpose, how to know what to do

You came here with your purpose intact, you forgot it because we weren’t taught to create a connection with our inner-self. Schooling is a major culprit to this. You start off your schooling/indoctrination career at a particularly mind-malleable age. So you’re more vulnerable to be influenced. Then at 18, they expect you to know what you wanna do with your life when not long ago you had to ask for permission to go to the toilet?

In school, you learn to operate from the outside. You learn to react to the outside world not how to respond to it. You learn to regurgitate not create. The opposite of what your purpose requires.

Your purpose, your values, your truth, are all INSIDE. Therefore, to find and live your purpose, the goal is to operate from the inside

what does this mean?  The outside is societal/cultural pressure, peer/familial pressure etc. Operating from the inside is the opposite of what you’ve been taught. This means to live authentically, to live irrespective of what the world has said you should do.

To do this you have to create a gap where you can facilitate the connection from the inside, you have to close the outside door just for a while and I have 3 easy ways to begin that connection if you haven’t already


This is crucial, without isolation you will never get away from the expectations of the outside world. Isolation allows for your truth to come through. Even an hour a day by yourself without tv will do wonders. Meditation and journaling are some of my favourite tools when alone.

Some questions for journaling

  • what emotions do I feel most often? What am I thinking/doing when they arise?
  • How do I feel around/in x? (people/place)
  • What was I good at in school?
  • What do I often get complimented for?
  • If I had all the money I need, what would I do?

These answers to these questions are very revealing, try them! Obviously, there are a lot more you can ask but you get the idea.

2. Follow your curiosity

Often insight comes through an idea, you may get a sudden interest in something you weren’t previously, this is your intuition, listen to it. This can lead you to new places/people etc which can lead to knowing which direction to take your life.

3.Consciously Change your environment.

Surrounding yourself with the same environment all the time can prevent something new from coming through. New people, books and places often come with new ideas/insight, this insight can again lead you to know which direction you want to take with your life.

Some life-changing books I highly recommend that have helped me…


Thank you for reading, have a great day and Know your purpose!

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