Is it weird to have pets?

You ever thought how weird it is how humans are the only species on earth that has pets? Personally, I find it so strange, but not necessarily in a bad way

Obviously, pets have beneficial effects on humans, aside from protection, the main benefit of having pets is the emotional comfort of having one. But why do we seek this from pets?

Could this be an indication of how disconnected we feel from each other that we’d rather seek it from another species?  or is it a commentary on how evolved we are, as to not segregate our love to just our own species? or just how complicated we have made human to human intimate connection?

Humans at the moment are not living in their highest state, at the current rate, a large section of humanity are knowingly destroying the planet. This is the opposite of a ‘civilised’ or an advanced society.

On the other hand, animals are in tune with nature and are living harmoniously with her. A valid case could be made that humans are not the most advanced species on earth. Potentially? Yes, but behaviourally? No

My point here is we have a lot to learn from our animal teachers, our pets.

If you observe pets you can learn a lot

dog worryingPets live in the moment, they live in the NOW

For example, you never see a dog complaining that it’s getting boring catching a ball because it’s getting repetitive. Aside from not being able to speak, it’s because dogs are living in the moment, not in their memories, they’re not filtering reality through their past or worrying about what’s gonna happen next but instead, they’re anchored in the present. They’re demonstrating to us what it means to be mindful, from this perspective, pets are our teachers

Pets also serve humanity in other wonderful ways, in the case of dogs, they encourage exercise, which is particularly useful in the midst of the prevalent sedentary lifestyle.

As for the reverse effects, on the pets themselves…

Some pets are abused or abandoned or both. Most are taken from their natural environment and put into a makeshift one, for birds, its the same as having their wings clipped. Some are taken away from their families. The psychological effects? Just imagine if this happened to you. The effects are particularly strong for aquatic or volant animals as we can never feasibly recreate their natural environment, and still have them as pets.

and of course, some are saved, that would have died otherwise, some find a loving family, and some end up happy


Pets may lack complex thought/reasoning ability but they definitely have a lot they can teach/remind us.

To conclude, I still think it’s weird to have pets, to demonstrate, imagine the roles were reversed

bad person, bad

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