Why life is standing in your way

life appears to be in your way when you have forgotten that it’s YOU

You think people/bills/exams etc are all against you but they only appear that way because of the energy you give off with your thoughts, emotions, words and actions

To get life to move out of the way, you have to ACCEPT life and SURRENDER to it. Surrendering has a bad rep, often miscued as weakness, but surrendering is the wisest thing you can do.

To ACCEPT is to have no resistance towards life. You are resisting life when you are in-denial, exhibiting escapism behaviour, complaining, worrying, anxious etc

ACCEPTANCE is not only the fastest way to self-love but also the fastest way to get life to move out of your way.  Make sure to fully accept your life situation and not merely acknowledged it

Acknowledgement is simply being aware of the perceived ‘problem’ e.g “I’m unhappy with my body shape\size” Whereas ACCEPTANCE is BEing okay with your body shape/size even as you seek to change it

ACCEPTANCE is surrendering, It’s feeling those negative emotions without trying to suppress or judge them. With this, you are able to learn what your emotions are telling you. This can reveal limiting beliefs you may have or just something you need to know about yourself

When you’re simply in acknowledgement, you’re still living in fear, back to the ‘body shape/size example, in this example you’d be living with anxiety, thinking that everyone (life) is watching you and negatively judging you but that’s just YOU projecting those thoughts onto others

When you SURRENDER you’re no longer in resistance to life. You ACCEPT yourself even if others don’t, you thus no longer have anxiety or worries about people judging you negatively

It’s impossible to ACCEPT life if you judge any part of it as bad or wrong. It’s also impossible if you think there is anything you HAVE to do/be/have.The truth is, you don’t have to do, be or have  anything

When you truly get this, then you can just BE.

What does it mean to BE? It means to be content with life as it IS not as you seek it to be. It means even as you seek to accomplish your goals, you do so without worry/stress/anxiety because you know even if you ‘fail’ it will be okay.

This is true freedom.

3 stages along the way to SURRENDERing

1. Denial, nothing happens, the problem is swept under the rug and you temporarily escape,  You might eat/smoke/work/Netflix etc as a method to escape

2. Acknowledgement. a) you acknowledge the problem but do little to nothing about it, you’ll mainly use one of the above methods to escape instead

b) You do something about it, effectively ‘fixing’ the problem, but while doing so, you’re in resistance to yourself, you condition yourself to believe you have to be a certain way in order for you to love yourself, you teach yourself to love yourself conditionally rather than UNconditionally. You develop a potentially shaky self-esteem and you’re emotionally vulnerable when/if the problem resurfaces

This is also problematic when it comes to things you can’t change, as this puts you at the mercy of external conditions to decide how you feel, which is where your power is not, your power is inside.

3. SURRENDERING. This is BEing, this is no resistance, this is accepting life as it is. This is being okay with the problem, even as you seek to change it. This is basically seeing no problems, only consequences. This can be a difficult place to reach because of what we’ve been conditioned to by the media/culture/parents etc

Remember:  “There is no such thing as right or wrong, there is only that which works and that which doesn’t, based on what you’re trying to do” 

When you truly understand and inner-stand this then you can fully ACCEPT life as it is

but does that mean you’ll be passive? No! ACCEPTING something doesn’t mean choosing it, for e.g you’d accept a speeding ticket if you were driving 100mph on a school road, doesn’t mean you’d choose it

If you find yourself, broke/depressed/ ‘failing’ etc in some way, don’t passively accept this condition, don’t think “this is bad/wrong”. Do what it takes to get where you’d choose to be.  Unless of course, that’s what you’d choose

If you take anything from this post, take this:

There is nothing wrong or bad in the universe

ACCEPTANCE is your golden ticket to freedom

Life gets out of your way when you remember it’s YOU

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