Who is ‘Fearlessopher’?

I’ve changed so much over the past couple of years. So much, in fact, I no longer feel like the same person, I don’t like the same music, no longer eat the same food or watch the same things etc,  Sometimes I feel like an alien to myself.  It baffles me how the things which used to stimulate me so much no longer do.

This led to an inevitable desire to reinvent myself.  I wanted to be brand new, I wanted to be better than I’d ever been, I wanted to actively optimise and change every aspect of the old me that held me back for too long so I came up with a completely new persona/alter ego – ‘fearlessopher’

Fearless: to become a better version of myself I knew I had to let go of fear. mainly the fear of caring what others think

Philosopher: literal meaning = ‘lover of wisdom/knowledge’

Fearless philosopher‘ used up too many characters on Twitter,  so I merged the two words, thus giving birth to ‘Fearlessopher’

This blog is about documenting my progress/evolution and the things I’m passionate about 🙂

“The purpose of life is to grow/evolve. Life does this via mutation/change. Meaning the only constant in life is change. To resist change is, therefore, also to resist life” – Fearlessopher

blog song:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-aw7eGDkLo&ab_channel=ER

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