How to Commit

Commit to what? To your life! if you’re meandering in life, constantly procrastinating and not knowing what you should be doing, then you’re not committed. The same is true if you know what you should be doing, but find yourself not doing it, or not doing it enough. In this post, my intention is to teach you how to become fully committed to your life. If, after reading this post – you become a teeny bit more committed then I’ve done my job.   Let’s start by defining commitment: “to devote oneself unreservedly” this means holding absolutely nothing back, giving … Continue reading How to Commit

how to be unstoppable.

At the very core, you suffer because you grasp at emotions by identifying with them – you seek the positive ones which are triggered through various activities e.g. ‘achievement’ ‘compliments’ etc.  the problem is, when you don’t get enough of these positive doses, you suffer – you’ve become addicted to them. so not only do you need them to feel good, a lack of them makes you feel bad! Solution: disidentify from your emotions  – i.e. know they’re NOT you, you merely have them, or more accurately, witness their processes. how to do this? by understanding this: the object is … Continue reading how to be unstoppable.